Covid-19 / Coronavirus Update

Update: 23rd September 2021
We're now pretty much back to meeting as usual. Out of respect, there is much more space being offered and an individuals wishes are always respected in terms of elbow/fist bumps; hand shakes or hugs, so please be reassured that no one will be made to feel uncomfortable should they wish to observe a higher level of protection than our Government's guidance which we are striving to observe.

In any case, it would be helpful to familiarise yourself with the following three documents:
Post-isolation Hashing guidelines – general advice on hashing safely with any group
Isca COVID-19 Risk Assessment – the risks the mismanagement have identified and how we’re mitigating them (and what you need to do to help out)
COVID-19 self-declaration form – what symptoms to look out for to ensure you’re safe to come hashing